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  • Hanneke Roelofsen

Free to Rodin “the thinker”

Vrij naar de “ denker van Rodin” voor Foetprint ”aardappelroute”; The fields 120x120 oil on linnen

As an artist

I look for the figure in motion

in all organic forms

until it is fixed in my Inner eye

my hands follow the lines volumes rhythms

release the shape

turn round the centre

make visible what is hidden

the pain the fire the dance



nothing is perfect

everything falls short in some way

A little scratch, hurt, wound on the skin of the soul

there is beauty in the imperfection

images of the wood of old trees

a hollow Cherry tree

an age old Lime tree that was hit by lightning

the crashed Pear tree

and another victim of the Dutch Elm disease

new tissue formed around broken off branches

to cover the hole to heal the wound

its own structure


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